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Half of 2014 more achievements

Date:2014-07-23 Read:2660

     Time flies, in the twinkling of an eye ,half a year has passed, the course has passed 2014 half, back in the first half of this year, we can not help feeling very!
     In the second half of the year our foreign trade business there has been a rapid growth, the first half of the year business has exceeded last year,reaching orders 100000,new record shipments of 70000 units, in the products, under the careful investigation company support in finance and development and business personnel, development a few hot selling products,to Asia, the Middle East, South America and other traditional markets rapid growth, and the realization of the markets in Europe and America breakthroughs, so that our product quality to a new level, reached the international advanced level. In business development, in addition to the traditional Canton Fair, company support we participate in activities such as:Dubai Expo, Turkey Expo, Munich household electrical appliances exhibition international exhibition, and quoted Alibaba famous electric business platform in e-commerce
, through various channels, emerging market development continuously, absorb a large number of customers resources. In the team, the old staff training constantly, improve the business skills and attract external elite business people, so that the quality and scale of our business team continues to expand, the volume of business with the company growing realization of the combination of software and hardware perfect.
     Unite as one, Our wills unite like a fortress, in strong company support and internal team staff efforts, the second half of the year we will scale new heights, reached at the end of the year 200000 goals, work steadily, and strive to achieve in 5 years become the domestic first-class home appliance of export enterprises.!