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The 115th session Canton Fair Report

Date:2014-06-25 Read:2928

    The 115th session China import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) was held in 2014 April 15th to May 5th ,The exhibition
was divided into 3 periods, each exhibition was hold for 5 days.
     In the full support of the company .our company particular the first stage show in the April 15th to April 19th. In this fair
we have a total of 6 booths. In the same timeOur productions were displayed in AHCOF INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT
CO. that is the second-largest import and export corporation in COFCO ,ANHUI. The chairman in person came to guided
thework site. Headquarters deputy general  manager Liu and  development department Minister Chen also came to guide
the work. In this fairour company was led by Mr panShanghai Soyea general manager .there are nine businessmen
participating in this fairit is the most in all fairs
ONE:conference details
    1.the situation about businessmanthere are 101198 overseas buyer in the
first phase of Canton Fair. The number of every continent57601 people in Asia , accounting for 56.9% ; 14243 people
in Europe, 14102 people in Americas accounted for 14.1%; , accounting for 13.9%; 11988 people, Africa accounted for
11.8%; Oceania 3264, accounted for 3.2%. In the top three: Chinese Hongkong 8976, India 6145, Russia 4176.
     2.the situation about transaction
Export turnover is 19.99 billion dollars than the 114th decline 3.6%, than the 113rd decline 10.9%.
TWO: Our companys reception and transactions
     The situation is better than expected .The number of receiving buyer in 5 days is more than 200100 people in
the Middle East businessmen, accounting for 50% of the total; 50 people in Africa area merchants, accounting for 25%
of the total;30 people in Southeast Asian businessmen, accounting for 15% of the total;20 people in Europe, the United
States and other regions customers , accounting for 10% of the total. There is 4 signings in scene,10 in two month after
canton fair. It is better than last canton fair ,Other interested customer is still in touch up ,we believe there will be more.
                                                                                                                               International Trade Department